About the society

The Agri Horticultural Society of India, the oldest institution of its kind in India, was founded in 1820 by Rev. Dr. William Carey for the promotion and development of agriculture and horticulture in the country. With its 24 acres garden at 1 Alipore Road, Kolkata, the Society plays a crucial role in horticultural development and environmental restoration. It propagates and promotes rare and useful plants, markets eco-friendly gardening material, provides consultancy services and nursery entrepreneurship. It has fulfilled creditably its set out objectives in its 196 years of existence.

Path to the Garden, ASHI

The Society does not live only on its past achievements. It has set its sights for the new millennium. In the present context of horticultural development and hi-tech agri-business strategy of the country, the society has geared up its activities to take up the challenges as the important center for development of horticulture through plant and nature conservation, bringing nature to people, research and development, education, training and information technology.

Bio diversity of plants and Ecological factors are constantly being nurtured in this age of scarcity and pollution. Consultancy, training, awareness programs, seminars and symposiums and technical services are the prime activities of the garden in addition to generating more plantation and preserving the extinct and endangered species that have been planted by the predecessors in the past.

image Our Vision

The vision of the society is to bring people to nature.

image Our Mission
  • Champion the cause for protection of the environment through direct afforestation initiatives and indirect educational programs
  • Act as a leader for similar societies and nurseries
  • To support people’s desire for greenery through the supply of plants and environment-friendly materials
  • Enlarge its intellectual capital on the subject and emerge as a respected institution for advanced learning
  • Collect & Propagate rare species of flora, breed plants scientifically, encourage and promote commercial horticulture and emerge as a leading centre of biotechnology in India.
image Social Responsibility

Since 1820, the society has been trying its utmost to fulfil the need of the day, to transform its vision into reality.

AHSI’s primary goal is to bring people and nature together. We constantly inspire people to engage with their natural environment. Simultaneously the society is keen to protect and conserve plants and their ecosystems. Protecting and preserving our environment is one of our foremost agendas. Through our social service activities and public programs we strive to inspire and educate a broad community that values horticulture for the benefits it brings to the environment, our locality and in our everyday lives. We inspire people to be good environmental stewards through responsible use of natural resources. The Society takes various Initiatives to promote, protect and plan for biodiversity.

Through its educational programs, awards, and publications, the AHSI connects people to gardening to help raise awareness of earth-friendly gardening practices, introduces children to plants, brings together leaders to address important national environmental issues, and showcases the art and science of horticulture.

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