Bio Diversity

Commitment towards innovation is an integral part of the Society. As we say that we maintain the rear species of the plants, we also proudly announce that all efforts are made to save the extinct and endangered species. Biodiversity is one such measure which is experimented through Tissue Culture in the Indoor laboratory and taught to the students of the related courses. Reputed Scientists and faculties take active part in the research activities in the indoor Birla research Plant Laboratory and also at the outdoor in the garden and field.

Biodiversity encompasses all living things, diversity of species, and variation of genes that enables organisms to evolve and adapt, and the diverse ecosystems within which organisms interact in a complex web of interdependent relationships. These ecosystems are fragile and if one collapses many others are likely to follow, causing mass extinctions of species. The average garden may seem an unlikely ally to biodiversity, however the Agri Horticultural Society of India maintains a huge agricultural garden and the garden is eco-friendly in its own right which is of great significance to the biodiversity. The garden is a passionate promoter of Plant and Floral diversity cramming the garden with as many captivating and different plant species as possible, especially those are at the verge of being extinct and endangered.

The factors that combine to put biodiversity at risk are as complex as biodiversity itself and the problems of identifying the factors and threats are exacerbated by the lack of data. In short, species are becoming extinct faster than they can be recorded. Having always been considered common very little was done to survey its habits and habitats. The combination of habitats, soils and native and exotic plants create a unique environment. Moderating various gardening techniques and using the right plants can further enhance the biodiversity in the garden, while maintaining the highest gardening standards. The Society is committed to enhance biodiversity through ecology with the means of garden, shows and advisory services.

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