The Society is run by a council of members elected every year. The Secretary is the permanent member of the Council and the day to day administration charges are vested on him. He is guided by the council under the leadership of President who holds the highest position in the council. AHSI management team is made up of highly experienced professionals fully committed in providing high quality services to the Society.

Although our Council Members are from diverse backgrounds but they are appreciative of the larger market picture in the field of agriculture, horticulture and floriculture and thus add value to the Society in their own ways.

Sri Sunil Kanoria
President of the Society
Sri Sunil Kanoria holds the position of President of the Society. Mr. Kanoria is the co-founder and Vice Chairman of Srei Infrastructure Finance Ltd. He has over 30 years of experience in Financial Services and Infrastructure Development. He has held the prestigious position of President(elect) of The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), Member of the Central Direct Taxes Advisory Committee and Governing body member of the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC). He is widely acknowledged for developing the equipment rental industry in India under the brand name of ‘Quippo’

The Past & Present Patrons of the Society

Shri L.N.Birla Shri B.M.Khaitan
Shri S.G. Khaitan (Present Patron) Shri Sunil Singh Roy
Shri R.P.Goenka Shri S.K.Birla (Present Chief Patron)
Mr. Mahendra K Jalan (Present Patron) Shri Sanjiv Goenka (Present Patron)

The Chief Patrons Of The Society

Year Name of the Chief Patron
1820-23 The Marquis of Hastings – Covernor General
1823-28 Lord Amherst
1828-36 Lord Willium Bentinck
1836-42 Lord Auckland
1842-44 Lord Ellenborough
1844-48 Lord Harding
1848-56 Lord Dalhousie
1856-58 Earl Canning – Viceroy & Governor General
1858-62 Earl Canning
1862-63 Earl of Elgin
1863-69 Lord Lawrence
1869-72 Earl of Mayo
1872-76 Earl of Northbrook
1976-80 Earl of Lytton
1880-84 Marquis of RiPon
1884-88 Marquis of Dufferin
1888-94 Marquis of Lansdowne
1994-99 Second Earl of Elgin
1999-1905 Lord Curzon
1905-10 Lord Minto
1910-16 Lord Hardinge
Year Name of the Chief Patron
1916-21 Lord Chelmsford
1921-26 Lord Reading
1926-31 Lord lrwin
1931-35 Earl Willingdon
1935-43 Marquis of Linlithgo
1946-47 Rear Admiral, The Earl Mountbatten of Burma – Viceroy & Covernor – General
1947-48 Rear Admiral, The Earl Mountbatten of Burma – Covernor – General
1948-50 Shri C. Rajagopalachari
1950-52 Dr. Rajendra Prasad – President, Republic of lndia
1962-67 Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
1968-69 Dr.Zakir Hussain
1970-72 Shri V.V.Ciri
1973-75 Shri Fakhruddin Ali ahmed
1976-80 Shri N. Sanjeeva ReddY
1981-86 Giani Zail Singh
1987-91 Shri R. Venkataraman
1992-97 Dr. Shanker Dayal Sharma
1997-2002 Dr. K.P. Narayanan
H.E. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, The President of India had visited the Society on 27.02.2004

List Of Past Presidents

Year Name of the Past President
1820-24 Mr. W. Leycester, C.S.
1824-26 Rev. Dr. W. Carey, D.D.
1826-28 Mr. W. Leycester, C.S.
1829-41 Sir Edward Ryan
1842-48 Sir John Peter Grant
1848-54 Sir Arthur Butter
1859-61 Dr. Thomas Thomson
1861-67 Mr. Arthur Grote, C.S.
1868-74 Mr.J.A. Crawford
1874-75 Sir George King
1876-80 Sir Louis Jackson
1881-87 Mr. W.H.Cogswell
1887-88 Mr.D. Cruickshank
1988-89 Lt.Col. M.C. Perreau
1889-93 Mr.C.B. Garret, C.S.
1893-97 Mr.C.S. Stevens, C.S.
1897-98 Mr. W. B. Oldham, C.S., C.I. E.
1998-09 Mr.H.C.Eggar, M.V.O.
1909-12 Sir Bijoy Chand Mahatab (MaharajadhirajBahadur of Burdwan, (K.C.S.I)
1912-14 Mr.Justice Beachcroft, I.C.S
1914-21 Mr. Geo Girard,I.S.O.
1921-22 Mr.G.B. McNair
1921-22 Mr.G.B. McNair
1922-23 Mr.F.G. Clarke
1924-35 Mr. Justice Walmsley, I.C.S
1935-39 Mr.T.Lamb
1939-41 Mr.J.H.Burder
1941-45 Mr.J.S. Graham
1945-48 Mr.A.P. Benthall
1948-49 Mr.N. Brodie
1949-59 Sir U.C. Mahatab, K.C.S.I (Maharajadhiraj Bahadur of Burdwan)
1959-60 Mr.L.N. Birla
1960-61 Mr.A.T. Montgomery
1820-24 Mr. W. Leycester, C.S.
1824-26 Rev. Dr. W. Carey, D.D.
1826-28 Mr. W. Leycester, C.S.
1829-41 Sir Edward Ryan
1961-62 Raja B.N. Roychowdhury of Santosh
1963-65 Mr. C.I. Turcan
1966-67 Mr.I.P.Goenka
Year Name of the Past President
1968-69 Mr. S.K. Mitter
1970-72 Mr. K.C. Basu
1973-74 Mr. S.G. Khaitan
1975-76 Mr. S. Singha Roy
1976-77 Mr.B.K. Dalmia
1977-79 Mr.U.Mukherjee
1980-82 Mr.J.P.Kanoi
1982-83 Mrs. R. Acharya
1983-84 Mr.M.K.Mukherjee
1984-85 Mr.R.S. Chitlangia
1986-87 Mr. K. L. Hira
1987-88 Mr. S.K. Ganguly
1988-89 Mr. R. Mody
1990-91 Mr.I.C. Sancheti
1991-92 Mr.S.K. Dutta
1992-95 Mr. S.G.Khaitan
1995-96 Mr.M.K.Saharia
1996-97 Mr.P.D. Chitlangia
1997-98 Mr.S. Guha Niyogi
1998-99 Mr.S.K. Birla
1999-2000 Mr.S.K.Birla
2000 -2002 Mr. M.K.Jalan
2002 – 2003 Mr. Sujit Chakravorti
2003-2004 Mr.H.P. Kanoria
2004-2005 Mrs.Alka Bangur
2005-2006 Mrs. Alka Bangur
2006-2007 Mr.B.D.Bose
2007-2008 Mr.B.K.Nahata
2008-2009 Mr.Gaurav Swarup
2009-2010 Mr.Sharad Khaitan
2010-2011 Mr.S.B. Ganguly
2011-2012 Dr. S. K. Basu
2012-13 Mr. R.S. Jhawar
2013-2015 Mr. Pradeep Sancheti
2015-2016 Mr.N.G. Khaitan
2016- 2017 Mr. Dulal Mukherjee
2018- Mr. Sunil Kanoria

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