Membership Packages

Category New Life Member
(Individual Only)
Member (Individual Only)
(Corporates/ Institutions)
Admission Fees 250,000 + GST 50,000 + GST 15,000 + GST 60,000 + GST
Annual Charges
– Upto 65 Years 6,000 + GST 6,000 + GST 4,000 + GST 4,000 + GST per nominee (Max. 4 nominees)
– Above 65 Years 4,000 + GST 4,000 + GST 3,000 + GST
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GST Rate is 18%

Note 1: Entry to Annual Member Corporates are closed since 2001. Already existing members are required to pay Annual Charges of Rs. 16,000 p.a.

Note 2: All fees are for a financial year i.e. from April to March and are payable at the beginning of each financial year.

Note 3: If a new member joins

  • Within first half of a financial year (Apr-Sep) then 100% of both admission fee and annual fee is payable
  • Within second half of a financial year (Oct-Mar) then 100% of admission fee and 50% of annual fee is payable.

Note 4: Payment Of Annual Charges For All Life Members Existing As On 31.03.2019 Is Optional And Is Not Mandatory

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