Xero Garden

Xero Gardening refers to landscaping and gardening with xerophytic plants adapted for life with limited supply of water. The word xerophyteis derived from Greek words, “xero” meaning dry and “phuton” meaning plant.

William Carey Xero Garden has been a very challenging project for the Agri Horticultural Society of India as it grows a range of prickly arid desert plants. Xero Garden in a new concept for growing xerophytic plants like Cactus and Succulents. The idea behind developing a Xero Garden in the Agri Horticultural Society is to show how typical are these Xerophytic plants compared to other plants that we grow normally in our garden. Efforts have been made to simulate a condition comparable to the natural habitat of these plants and arranged aesthetically. These xerophytic plants are not only characterized by their shape but produce beautiful flowers also.

This giant Xero Garden under cover when fully developed will be one of its kind in India. This Xero Garden will also be useful for the students of natural sciences, ecology and horticulture.

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